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Direct wiring or via nodes: 
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The choice is yours: direct wiring or indirect via Hub / GatewayDo you want your control unit to communicate directly with the positioning system or via a hub / gateway? halstrup-walcher positioning systems can be adapted to create the perfect match for your machine concept. This applies not only to the selection of the bus (see p. 10) but also the method of wiring.

Differences between direct and indirect wiring

Direct wiring

Direkte Verkabelung

In the direct wiring configuration, bus communication takes place directly from the control unit to each individual positioning system, without the use of an additional bus distributor. Further positioning systems can be looped through the device’s second bus connection to the next device. 

As a result the drives can be connected in a series (CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet and Modbus) or ring configuration (for all Ethernet-based buses). The advantage of this method is that the control unit will continue to receive signals even if one of the components in the series should develop a fault. The system power supply is provided using a separate cable.

Indirect wiring

Indirekte Verkabelung

With indirect wiring, the positioning systems are connected to the control unit via a hub / gateway. The positioning system’s power supply uses the same cable so it is only necessary to connect one cable to the device

If the positioning systems are located in close proximity to each other, this bundling of the cables creates a “tidier“ machine appearance. A hub / gateway combines various components in the machine into a single unit.

Direct wiring of our positioning systems

The power supplies to the motor and the control unit are galvanically separated. This has the advantage that the bus signals remain active if the motor power supply is cut off, e. g. using an emergency stop switch.

Advantages of direct wiring

  • The compact design of the positioning systems means that minimal space is required in comparison to indirect wiring. This method also has further cost advantages when compared to wiring via a hub (no additional bus distributor or hub required).
  • The PSE / PSS / PSW 3 series offers a wide range of available buses and a choice of three different IP protection classes but with identical installation dimensions. This gives machinery manufacturers maximum flexibility for adapting the bus or IP class to customer requirements.
  • The HIPERDRIVE family provides an option for direct wiring with the HDA 70. An adapter for bus communication is factory fitted to the device for this purpose.
Direct wiring of our positioning systems in practice
Direct wiring of our positioning systems in practice

Indirect wiring with the PSx 3 series

Positioning systems in the 3 series can also be connected with the control unit indirectly via a hub using just one cable.

  1. For Ethernet-based buses, standard hubs and standard Y-encoded cables are used (other buses on request). The cable must be spliced for the power supply.
  2. For Ethernet-based buses (without Sercos), an A-encoded cable can also be used to provide the power supply to the positioning systems. For the bus communication, a D-encoded cable is connected to a hub.

For IO-Link, a standard A-encoded cable is used for the bus communication and power supply.

Advantages of indirect wiring

  • Positioning systems can be connected using just one cable. This reduces costs due to the lower number of connectors required.
  • Reduction of “cable tangle” from the control unit to the adjustment axes ensures a tidy machine appearance. 
  • Different components of the machine , including controls, can be combined using a hub/gateway to form one unit per application. This reduces the number of bus nodes in the machine.
  • The cabling concept supports a modular machine design with the modules being interconnected via the nodes.
  • When using the IO-Link connection, the bus communication interface to the control unit is defined by the interface of the IO-Link master. The bus communication can be changed by exchanging the master. The positioning systems are still controlled via the IO-Link interface.
Indirect wiring of the direct drives PSD with IO-Link
Indirect wiring of the direct drives PSD with IO-Link

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